Friday February 6  – Sunday March 29 2009

David Scher

David Scher’s work includes drawings, small objects, and musical composition but it is his drawings, perhaps more than these other forms, that give the best overall sense of his body of work. Intricate and delicate ink drawngs are mixed with looser works that combine washes, text and musings that together make a kind of sense. Even his deftly crafted non sequiturs, [Garter Belt, image attached]  mean something, though it is impossible to say what. And isn’t this what art is – to create meaning that sits outside the bounds of a language’s ability to tame and contain it? This is what makes Scher’s work difficult for critics, and why he remains more obscure than he should be. Then again, it is also what makes his work so enigmatically irresistible – a phrase any critic is welcome to take right from this press release.